Sometimes a rapist actually does not expect the victim to be angry at him. If you wonder how anybody could possibly be so far gone, just look in the mirror.

You prevail on your elected officials to hire gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests as weapons of unprovoked violence, to intimidate Mr. and Mrs. Twenty into living a healthy, alcohol-free lifestyle, and you are so far gone you can believe, “We’ll just tell them it’s for their own good, and they’ll understand and accept that.”

This, even as they resort to using counterfeit identification, and even flee the country during Spring Break, to defeat your efforts to protect them against hangovers, yet you plunged yourselves so deeply into denial you can still imagine they won’t be hostile.

In the fifth century, Attila and the Huns would attack a peaceful city-state, taking people prisoner and looting their homes. How are the police any more entitled to raid a high school graduation kegger, taking people prisoner and stealing the beer from the rightful owners?

You deliberately overlook the obvious flaws in your absurd arguments and fantasize that the victims of the drinking age will overlook them, too. You deliberately overlook the fact that, each day, millions of United States citizens younger than 21 drink alcohol responsibly. Drinking alcohol is a right of inestimable value to them and formidable to tyrants only, a right which no government can justly infringe. You deliberately overlook the distinction between drunk driving and underage drinking. In doing so, you are treating the innocent, responsible drinkers like drunk drivers, directing to these innocent citizens the punishment that, if imposed on drunk drivers, would deter drunk driving and make the roads safer. Drunk drivers make the roads less safe by driving drunk. Underage drinkers do not make the roads less safe by drinking and not driving.

Some of you know who you are. You had a really tough time in court, giving a victim impact statement when you knew you were talking about yourself. You don’t drive drunk now, but you know you did, and when deputy sheriffs led the defendant off to prison, you could not help pondering, There, but by the grace of God, go I. Now, you are desperately trying to pretend it’s not your fault you drove drunk, so you try to blame that on a society that was tolerant of underage drinking, so you can be different by not being tolerant of underage drinking. By doing so, you perpetrate a hate crime against millions of responsible drinkers who happen to be under 21. The drunk driver could have called a taxicab, but what are Mr. and Mrs. Twenty supposed to do, build a time machine so they can obey your law against being under 21?

Maybe part of the problem is the custom of not showing hostility to an opponent in political discussion. That has to stop. Effective immediately, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Lest you continue to indulge in deep denial, here’s a healthy dose of reality:

• The only reason your government gets away with it is because good cop-killers are hard to find these days. As soon as the victims solve that problem, your elected representatives will have to choose between losing ten percent of their highway grants or one hundred percent of their cops. They’ll vote to lose the money.

• On 29 February 2008 a cop in Cleveland, Ohio chose to get himself shot dead in a foot chase, pursuing some underage drinkers who were running away. How many more dead cops do I have to shove in your face before you finally understand?

• Maybe your laws prevented me from drinking myself to death. What does it take to make you wish you hadn’t?

• If you enjoy the warm feeling you got from protecting me against alcohol, please pour gasoline all over yourself and light a match. You will get a warmer feeling, and the human race will be better off without an asshole like you voting away the freedoms of innocent citizens.

• You spend time and money preventing innocent, responsible drinking by citizens under 21, which you could have spent preventing drunks from getting behind the wheel. I just hope the drunk you would have stopped crashes into you, and not into somebody who doesn’t deserve it.

This website is not connected in any way with the hate-mongering bigots at so-called Mothers Against Drunk Driving. They did not want the domain anymore, so presumably it was okay with them when I registered it on 18 September 2012. If they wanted the domain they should have renewed it.